Benefits of Membership

Founded in 1965 as the Ohio Airport Manager's Association, the Ohio Aviation Association (OAA) is a non-profit corporation committed to airport development and safety in Ohio.  OAA’s mission is to promote aviation by providing a medium for the exchange of ideas, methods, information, and experiences; to foster public recognition and understanding of aviation in Ohio; to promote and encourage better relations between airports, users, and communities served; and to cooperate with all organizations working for the general advancement and benefit of aviation.

But beyond that, ask yourself this question: Are you busy?  Well, who isn't?!

If you are like most, you are probably feeling stressed just getting the daily to-do list accomplished.  So, it is a good thing OAA is around to help! As you are caught in the hustle and bustle of work/life, OAA is actively watching, thinking and acting to improve the future of aviation in Ohio.

  • Do you need to make time to network? We help you with that!
  • Do you need to make time to gain additional education?  We help you with that!
  • Do you need someone to watch the legislation for potential changes that could impact you?  We help you with that!

Read on for more information on why you should join OAA today!

Legislative Representation

The leadership and staff work with OAA Legislative Agents to empower the association to speak with one voice. Our advocacy efforts work to get our members' message in front of the legislators. How can you help? Visit the Advocacy page for more information. Did you know that your membership dues allow us to continue to monitor and build relationships with decision makers that struggle with the State’s budget?  Was your city/county pleased to hear aviation got more attention in the state’s budget?  Then you should thank an OAA member!  And join us to fight for Ohio's aviation future!

Webinar Series

As a member, you can participate in webinars (at no cost) presented by recognized professionals in the field. OAA offers two types of webinars - on-demand and live programs, both of which are FREE to OAA Members.  You can also propose a future webinar topic about which you would like to receive more information.

Annual Conference

OAA's annual conference attracts hundreds of participants from around Ohio and nationally.  Network with others and develop relationships for sharing resources and learning from one another.  In addition, the exhibit area offers a great place to explore tools and resources to help you with your operations and delivery.  Coffee breaks, refreshments, and prize drawings make the exhibit area a fun and information-rich environment.  OAA members receive discounts on the conference registration fee.

Job and RFP/Q Postings

Members receive one free job posting or RFP/Q posting per year. Thereafter, members receive a significant discount.  Visit our current listings now!  Click here for Job Postings or click here for RFP/Q postings.

Airport Trading Post

The Airport Trading Post is a free service for current members' use only. This is your place to post something for sale or an item you are giving away, etc. Click here to see our current listings.

E-News Blasts

Receive electronic news and notifications of events, happenings, and points of interest for this in aviation around Ohio!

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved! Join the fun and challenge of OAA by contributing to the various committees. Whether you have time to devote to committee work or simply have any idea you would like to share, OAA needs your involvement! As a member of OAA, you have the ability to volunteer on key committees and project groups and be able to serve on the Board of Directors.  Click here to complete our online application to volunteer with OAA.

Awards Recognition Program

The OAA Award Ceremony is held annually at the Ohio Aviation Association Annual Conference. The OAA presents awards to OAA Members in the following categories:
  • Airport of the Year
  • Airport Manager of the Year
  • Aviator of the Year
  • Aviation Student of the Year
  • Airport Business of the Year
Nomination applications are announced toward the end of each calendar year for presentation at the following year's annual conference. Please visit our annual conference page to view related announcements and information.


The OAA website is a wonderful source of information for you. For members, the website contains contact information for colleagues and volunteer leaders.  The website is the best place to find the upcoming events and activities. Airport and aviation business supporters may post job opportunities for a small fee through our Marketplace Center...and receive one free per year if you are a member! The OAA website also features a Business Listing (searchable directory) area that provides a link to valuable services.  (Available for Corporate and Consulting, Supply Chain, Small Business, and Direct Service members).

Access to the "Members Only" section of our website features past publications and important links to industry document. The "Members Only" section also provides networking opportunities for members such as a community forum and value-added members-only discounts, and the online membership directory. You can also find the latest legislation being tracked by OAA Advocacy committee in the members-only area.


Are you ready to be apart of the future of aviation in Ohio?  Click here to be directed to our "Join" page where you can find our membership application!