OAA Then and Now

Founded in 1965 (originally as the Ohio Airport Manager's Association), the Ohio Aviation Association (OAA) is a non-profit corporation (501c 6) committed to airport development and safety in Ohio.  OAA’s mission has been to promote aviation by providing a medium for the exchange of ideas, methods, information, and experiences; to foster public recognition and understanding of aviation in Ohio; to promote and encourage better relations between airports, users, and communities served; and to cooperate with all organizations working for the general advancement and benefit of aviation.

Originally made up of only airports, Ohio Aviation Association is now comprised of:

  • airport management & staff
  • airport planners & engineers
  • aviation education institutions
  • direct service providers (FBO's, small businesses, etc.)
  • flight & airport management students
  • pilots
  • aviation enthusiasts

This mix of members has allowed for robust conversations and continued understanding of many aviation issues facing Ohio!  With a great mix of aviation interests, it ensures OAA understands the issues impacting all sectors of aviation. This knowledge helps us 1) plan for advocacy efforts, and 2) plan for great educational topics.

By the end of 2018, the OAA membership was made up of over 500 individuals from over 75 airports and educational institutions, and over 40 companies. Association activities are primarily supported through membership dues and the dedicated volunteerism of its members.