Sponsorship and Exhibiting Opportunities


Why should you sponsor or exhibit with OAA?

The Ohio Aviation Association is the voice of Ohio airports that contribute to the economic vibrancy and well-being of the state, the birthplace of aviation.  The OAA has brought success to our airports over the last few years as we worked with ODOT to increase state funding.  We continue to voice your needs to legislators while watching out for legislation that could be detrimental to Ohio’s airport environment.

But we offer more than lobbying efforts to our members. We offer the value of communication, engagement, and education. We keep an eye on the future while also offering everyday needs to our members such as a place to post job positions, RFP/Qs, etc. We are a non-profit organization and we need your continued support to maintain the current momentum and take all our members to a higher altitude! And did we forget to mention...networking, networking, networking?

Each year, the Ohio Aviation Association announces the many sponsorship opportunities available for Annual Conference that both support OAA and help your organization.   Some opportunities are limited, so respond early to ensure you get the visibility you want and deserve! Help us tell your story by supporting us in one or more opportunities! 

Click the button below to download our full Sponsorship and Exhibiting Information packet to support aviation's future in Ohio!  When you are ready to sponsor, contact us at 614-526-4990 or email us at [email protected]
2022 Sponsorship and Exhibitor Information
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As of 1/17/2022, there are only four (4) 
Tier 2 exhibit spots remaining!

Additional information:  By completing the Sponsorship Enrollment Form, your company understands that upon submitting this form, you agree to act as a sponsor/exhibitor at the indicated level and/or for the items described. You also understand that no refunds will be given prior to or after these services have been completed and we will abide by the standard exhibitor terms.

Sponsorship Notice: The Ohio Aviation Association seeks and accepts support for its activities, including but not limited to sponsorship of, and exhibits at, continuing education events, print information, and website sponsorships. 1. OAA will enter into relationships with members of the industry to receive financial support from a corporation only if it does not pose a conflict of interest and the acceptance of such support in no way adversely impacts the objectivity of OAA, its members, activities, programs, or employees. 2. Participation in a corporate relationship does not in any way imply OAA endorsement of that corporation's product or services nor does it imply approval of that corporation's policies and procedures. 3. Participation in a corporate relationship does not in any way imply that the OAA will exert any influence to advance that corporation's interests. Corporations should clearly understand that the corporation does not have any influence over any decision of the OAA as a result of its commercial support. All sponsorships will be separated from editorial content by a border or other visual method and will be marked similarly.