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The Ohio Aviation Association is a non-profit association whose members are comprised of airport management, airport governing bodies, and varying types of organizations that provide support and assistance to airports including consulting firms, aviation education programs, construction contractors, FBO's, equipment providers and aviation enthusiasts.  The Ohio Aviation Association promotes aviation by advocating on behalf of airports in Ohio, communicating the economic benefits of Ohio airports and the aviation industry, as well as educating and engaging its members and the public. 

The OAA Board of Directors work towards achieving the organization's goals through strong values and the following value statement:

"The Ohio Aviation Association is dedicated to the advancement of aviation in Ohio with an unwavering commitment to its members through leadership with integrity, professionalism, and honesty."

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December is General Aviation Appreciation Month!

General aviation (GA) is defined as all civilian flying except scheduled passenger service and military. It is wide and varying: from introducing elementary kids to airplanes, conducting surveys, moving cargo, and more -- GA does a lot!  General aviation helps with simple needs as well as more complex issues.  Need to take a quick trip for the day to family or an important meeting to close a deal? GA can get you there.  Does a natural disaster require emergency evacuations or supplies?  GA can get you there.  Need agriculture management or airborne law enforcement to track speed or track criminals on the run? GA can get that done!

In an effort to remind cities, counties, legislators, and State administration of these important services, the Ohio Aviation Association works with our members and officials to seek the passage of resolutions to be read in public and get them on “the books” to show support and recognition for all it brings to the State and its communities. Below is Ashtabula County Airport Authority President, Dwight Bowden (center) and Vice President George Toth (to the right of Dwight) accepting the resolution passed by the Ashtabula County Commissioners! 

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 Commissioner Kozlowski, Commissioner Ducro, ACAA President Bowden, ACAA Vice President Toth, Commissioner Whittington





Ohio Aviation Association Annual Conference for 2020 has been set! Mark your calendars to join us (and over 250 of your closest aviation friends and soon-to-be-friends) at the next annual conference!



Call for Speakers and Annual Award Nominations are now open!  Click here for additional details!






ATTENTION STUDENTS!  The 2020 Norman J. Crabtree Scholarship Application is NOW AVAILABLE!  See our scholarship page for details!

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