2019 General Aviation Appreciation Month Is Here!

December 18, 2019

All across the great State of Ohio, December is being recognized as General Aviation Appreciation Month. The Ohio Aviation Association works with the Alliance for Aviation Across America to draft sample language for proclamations and/or resolutions for public bodies to take action. Why do we do this?  We do it because it brings attention to a fairly forgotten, but immensely important, sector of aviation: General Aviation.

So what is "General Aviation" anyway? General aviation is defined as all civilian flying except scheduled passenger service. It is wide and varying: from introducing elementary kids to airplanes, conducting surveys, moving cargo, and more -- general aviation does a lot!

General aviation helps with something as simple as a quick visit back home to something as complex as emergency evacuations; from agriculture management to airborne law enforcement; and from private pilot training to delivering a CEO and their team to an important meeting at significant time savings.

In an effort to remind cities, counties, legislators, and State administration of these important services, the Ohio Aviation Association works with their members to seek the passage of resolutions to be read in public and get them on “the books” to show support and recognition for all it brings to the State and its communities.

These reminders are useful for drumming up funding support, community interest events, economic development campaigns, and introducing people to the world of general aviation.

Here are just some of the communities that have pledged their support of General Aviation because they recognize its importance to Ohio!

The State of Ohio

Ohio Senate

Ohio House of Representatives

Ashtabula County

City of Cleveland

City of Columbus

Franklin County

Holmes County

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Regional Airport Authority

Mercer County


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